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About Us

A Pursuit of Growth and Excellence

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Our commitment to healthcare and pharmaceuticals only grew stronger. In 2007, we introduced Maxtar Bio Genics as our sister concern, opening doors to global markets. Today, we proudly export to more than 25 countries, cultivating a robust global presence.

The 3 Cs

Competence, Connection, and Character—are what connect us with our valued customers. Fueled by a relentless passion to excel, we are pioneers in a rapidly evolving market, committed to complete customer  satisfaction and genuine, timely solutions.



Expertise and innovation to deliver pharmaceutical solutions that set the industry standard for quality



Forging meaningful relationships to create a community invested in universal healthcare



Ensuring integrity and ethical standards are at the core of our commitment to healthcare excellence.

Happy Doctor


Unipex is not just another pharmaceutical company; we are dynamic, innovative, compassionate, and trustworthy. Our vision is to shine as a true trailblazer on both national and international stages, redefining excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Setting the gold standard by consistently delivering the highest quality products and upholding the highest ethical standards, we aim to impact the world by enhancing the health and well-being of individuals everywhere. Our clear vision is to lead the way, driven by a commitment to doing what's right and fair.


At Unipex, we live and breathe our mission: to be a driving force in advancing human life. Delivering top-quality products meeting WHO-GMP standards, we provide premier healthcare to society. Our vision extends beyond horizons, aiming to tap into untapped potential with a carefully curated portfolio that balances quality and cost.

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